Microcontroller 2 (ILV)

Course numberB2.05270.40.180
Course codeMIC 2
Semester of degree program Semester 4
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits4,0
Language of instruction German

The students are able to couple sensors/actuators to a microcontroller with appropriate HW wiring and SW control.
They can develop PC and embedded software that exchange data between both endpoints via a protocol.
They are able to name the most important features and services of a real-time operating system (task management, scheduling strategies, dispatchers, synchronization and IPC mechanisms, etc.).
They are familiar with programming and commissioning an embedded systems application with a real-time operating system.

Sensors/Actuators Connection in SW and HW
Interrupt-controlled systems
Data communication PC-uC
Terms and characteristics of a real-time system / real-time operating system (RTOS)
Embedded Systems Software Architecture with RTOS (Tasks, Synchronization, IPC)

Labrosse, J.J. (2012): µC/OS-III The Real-Time Kernel for the Infineon XMC4500, Micrium Press, p. 912, ISBN: 978-1-935772-20-0
Yaghmour, K. / Masters, J. / Ben-Yossef, G. / Gerum P. (2008): Building Embedded Linux Systems, O'Reilly Media, p. 464, ISBN: 978-0-596-52968-0
Schröder, J. / Gockel, T. / Dillmann, R. (2009): Embedded Linux, Springer, p. 432, ISBN: 978-3-540-78620-7

Integrated course with 50% exercise share

Final exam, exercises