Mechanical Engineering (ILV)

Course numberVEEMS-1.03
Course codeMechEng
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,0
Language of instruction English

Students get to know the most important methods und elements of

construction in mechanical engineering. Overview about relevant

mechanical functionalities, resonance systems and mechanics based

mathematical algorithm, also for forces, torques, power and



- get to know basic proven mechanical concepts and solutions (man-made and natural) by means of explanations, photos, laboratory and samples focusing on energy and mobility.

- receive the basic mechanical knowledge enabling them to understand advantages and disadvantages of artificial and nature's creations

- learn to talk to mechanical engineers and to express themselves even in English

- be able to understand a technical drawing and BOM

- understand how a design process takes place and what boundary conditions we have to follow (strength, reliability, environmental aspects, costs, weight, production, maintainability, safety, noise, laws and standards, ...)

- get a feeling which tools / partners are adequate for specific problems (CAD, FEM, MKS, testing, ...)

- be aware about the basic mechanical manufacturing technologies

Encyclopedic survey of mechanical engineering, basics of manufacturing technology for ferrous and non-ferrous materials (removing flakes, separating, truing, shaping, joining, bonding, welding), plastics; overview of machine elements (bearing, hinges, form-locked and frictionally engaged connections, power trains, energy transfers, seals, static and dynamic elements, springs and dampers).

Overview about mechanical engineering focusing on the following topics:

- Existing applications in energy generation and mobility

- Manufacturing

- Machineelements

- Materials and welding

- Measurement and testing

Handout (.ppt) available as download with links and literature recomendations.

Presentation in English with the opportunity to ask questions in English or German.Handout (.ppt) available as download with links and literature recomendations.

Final exam
Exam: Interview about principle understanding
Grade: derived from interview and interactive participation.