WP2. Elective Orthopedic (SE)

Course numberB3.06670.60.740
Course codeWP Ortho
Semester of degree program Semester 6
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,0
Language of instruction German

Students are able to detect problems of patients in the department of orthopedics, physiotherapy identify relevant information and possible contraindications of the existing findings. You can perform the physiotherapy process hypothesis-driven, apply job-specific examination procedures, physiotherapy set goals, create a treatment plan and tailor it to patients and documented. You can use these measures applied techniques and explain and discuss with the patient and perform any corrections of treatment and these also perform at "special" diseases.

Meeting and treatment of "special" FallbeispielenBefundung and Indentifizierung problems of patients identify potential therapeutic approaches, selection of measures for the treatment of patients, use of different treatment methods and techniques adapted to problems of the patients documentation of the findings and the BehandlungsmaßnahmenDie students have a supervision by the teachers in the respective areas of expertise, to work alone with patients and receive the necessary support in order to evaluate their diagnosis and their treatment measures can

Hüter-Becker, A. & Dölken, M. (2009). Physiotherapie in der Orthopädie, 2. Auflage. Stuttgart: Thieme Verlag.Imhoff, A.B. u.a. (Hrsg.) (2010). Rehabilitationskonzepte in der orhopädischen Chirurgie, OP-Verfahren im Überblick, Physiotherapie, Sporttherapie. Berlin: Springer Verlag.

Seminar / exercises in small groups

Continuous assessment