Test Stand Design (SE)

Course numberMBLB-3.10
Course codePrü&Fun
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits3,5
Language of instruction German

Students are expected to develop to be able to test arrangements under the guidance of self-

MBLB-MATH - Mathematik und Mechanik1, MBLB-LBMAT1 - Leichtbau-
Materialien 1, MBLB-InS - Instationäre Systeme, MBLB-LBKON1 -
Leichtbau-Konstruktion, MBLB-LBKON2-Leichtbau-Konstruktion 2,
MBLB-LBMAT2 - Leichtbau-Materialien 2, MBLB-PHYSIM - Physik und
Simulation, MBLB-STRUCSEC - Struktursicherheit, MBLB-VBTECH -
Verbindungstechnik, MBLB-SIMDESG1 - Simulation und Design 1

This seminar has to guide the students to the content of designing and fabricating prototypes of light weight structures as well as automatically designing, constructing and manufacturing and commissioning of a simple test fixture. The testers are used, for example, to test prototypes thought for lectures in connection technology, construction technology, the FEM or metallurgy (heat treatment) to support a trial technically.
- Design of test set-ups
- Build up the tester
- Start-up of the testing device
- Writing a thesis statement
- Validation of FEM simulations

IEEE Control Systems Magazine
Control and Dynamic Systems
Sensors & Actuators
IEEE Sensors Journal Review of scientific instrument
Measurement Science & Technology
International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modeling and Testing

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