German (DaF) 1 (UE)

Course numberM4.05170.10.090
Course codeDAF 1
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits4,0
Language of instruction English

Introductions in a café
- start a conversation
- introduce themselves and others
- ask for personal information
- spell
- understand telephone numbers and be able to give their own
- read and understand short descriptions about people
- order and pay in a café

Communication in class
- state the courses they are taking and ask others for the same information
- ask questions within lessons
- understand simple biographies

Towns, countries and languages
- talk about towns, countries and languages
- explain the geographical location
- write a short text about themselves
- express statistics in words

Accommodation - where, how ...:
- describe accommodation
- talk about their own home

Times, appointments and everyday situation: at the doctors, in work, leisure time
- tell the time
- describe their daily routine
- make appointments and arrangements
- apologize for a delay

The journey to work, at work:
- describe the route to work
- navigation in a house
- ask for directions / enquire after someone
- location of people / objects

Introductions in a café
- Interrogative clauses: wie, woher, wo, was
- Verbs in present tense
- Personal pronouns

Communication in class
- Singular and plural nouns
- Definite and indefinite article
- Negation with 'kein/e'

Towns, countries and languages
- Sentence structures: W-Frage-Sätze, Satzfragen, Aussagesatz
- Imperfect of 'sein'

The journey to work, at work:
- Possessive article in 1st case: mein/dein/sein/ihr/
unser/euer ihr/Ihr
- Article in 4th case: ein/e/n//den/die/das
- Adjectives

Times, appointments and everyday situation: at the doctors, in work, leisure time
- Interrogative clauses 'wann' and 'von wann bis wann'
- Prepostions and time of day: am, um, von ... bis
- Separable verbs
- Negation using 'nicht'
- Imperfect tense of 'haben'

The journey to work, at work:
- Prepositions with 3rd case: in, neben, unter, auf, vor, hinten, an, zwischen, bei and mit
- Ordinal numbers

Funk, H./Kuhn, Ch./Demme, S. (2005): Studio d A1, Berlin: Cornelsen
Niemann, R.M. (2006): Studio d A1. Sprachtraining. Berlin: Cornelsen

lecture, partner/group work discussion, self-study

Written: 40% + 40%
Participation: 10%
Homework: 10%