Clinical Engineering (ILV)

Course numberM2.03100.10.061
Course codeCE
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits5,0
Language of instruction English

Students know about the basics of clinical engineering and are able to manage medical technolgy in hospitals

The course covers following topics

Basics in Clinical Engineering

Management and deployment of medical technology

Models of Clinical Engineering Practice

Technology Management

Safety Education and Training

Design, Manufacture, and Evaluation and Control of Medical Devices

Utilization and Service of Medical Devices

Information Technology; and Professionalism

Joseph Dyro B.S, Clinical Engineering Handbook, Academic Press; 1 edition, 2004

Yadin David, Wolf W. von Maltzahn, Michael R. Neuman, Joseph D. Bronzino, Clinical Engineering, CRC Press; 1 edition, 2003