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General Registration Procedures

Degree programs at University of Applied Sciences fundamentally only offer a limited number of study places.

In the framework of the application process each applicant will carry out an interview which will influence the allocation of the study places.  Additionally, specific degree study programs may require written application tests as well as content-specific/technical aptitude tests. Detailed information regarding the degree program specific application requirements are provided on the degree programs’ web pages.

Repetitive applications for a study place at the same study degree program (e.g., in the following year) is generally allowed; however, the entire application process will start anew and candidates must resubmit all documents and carry out all steps again.


Detailed information about application deadlines can be found at the websites of the respective degree programs!

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences accepts both exchange students from partner institutions and so-called ‘Free Mover’ students. The decision to accept Free Movers is made on an individual basis by the relevant Degree Program Director. In the first case an official nomination (via e-mail) from the partner institution is necessary. After the nomination the student will be provided information regarding the application procedure. 

Free Movers may apply directly.

In order to register as a student at CUAS, each student must fulfill the following:

  • Pay the tuition fee within the prescribed time limit (Erasmus Incoming Exchange Students are exempted from this fee)
  • Pay the Austrian National Union of Students fee within the prescribed time limit
  • Sign the Learning Agreement 

The enrollment periods for each degree program will be announced in advance to all applicants.