Engineering Mechanics and Construction (ILV)


Course lecturer:


 Mathias Male , BSc MSc

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont.

 Robert WERNER

Specialization AreaMechatronics
Course numberB2.05271.30.920
Course codeTMK 1
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits7,0
Language of instruction German

The students are familiar with the basic concepts of engineering statics and are able to find analytical and numerical solutions to engineering statics problems.

The learned competences for solving engineering mechanics problems are:
1. Defining the engineering problem.
2. Construction of a mechanical replacement model for reasons of simplification.
3. Analytical and numerical solution of the engineering mechanics problem by using the replacement model.
4. Discussion and interpretation of the general analytical solution (discussion of specific cases).
In addition, the students are able to sketch simple components and assemblies, to understand and to prepare complete technical drawings.
They are able to create and interpret CAD drawings for the assemblies under consideration.

Engineering Mathematics 1, Engineering Mathematics 2, Physics 1

1. Introduction of mathematical concepts in engineering mechanics (vector and matrix notation and operations in engineering statics)
2. Force systems acting on a particle (in 2 and 3 dimensions)
3. General force systems (in 2 and 3 dimensions)
4. Centroids and centre of gravity (in 2 and 3 dimensions)
5. Analysis of structures (frames and trusses in 2 and 3 dimensions)
6. Internal forces in structural members (beams, frames and arches  in 2 and 3 dimensions)

For didactical reasons and for explanation purposes the computer algebra system Wolfram Mathematica is used additionally during the lectures.
Part of course - construction:
Sketching components and assemblies
Basic rules of construction
Introduction to the application of CAD software

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Classroom lectures, exercises

Written exam, exercises or project (construction)