Interpretative Exercises (UE)


Course lecturer:

Mag. (FH) phil.

 Gabriele Hagendorfer-Jauk


Mag. phil. Dr. phil.

 Gerald Poscheschnik

Course numberM3.0607.30.050
Course codeEmpFo
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits3,0
Language of instruction German

Students can interpret, analyse and reconstruct case material. They can correctly categorise, structure and analyse qualitative data material. Practical experience in reconstructing reports of complex social correlations is gained by interpretation exercises. The students are capable of decoding meaning structures in protocols (transcripts), beyond their manifested forms of ways of expression. Forms of the documentary method, metaphor analysis, genogram analyses and structural hermeneutics can be applied.

The focus is on methodically controlled analyses of the collected protocols of the first Year. It is primarily about the validation or revision of the working hypotheses of the second semester. Exercises of "classical" evaluation processes are exemplarily realised with the students' material. The course has the character of a case workshop, whereby here the case is not the same as "the client" or "the person", but rather situations, research units (subjects), to which the appropriate forms of analyses are adapted. At the end of the semester the project experiences of the field are confronted with the structural hypotheses of the reconstruction exercises and in this way the evaluation of the following semester is controlled for its case-related evidence.

Case material is provided by the students, specific literature is communicated during the course

Independent and joint Tutorials

Analyses protocols, case reconstructions