Project Realisation Group 1 (UE)


Course lecturer:

FH-Prof. Dr.

 Helmut Richard Arnold


Mag. (FH) phil.

 Gabriele Hagendorfer-Jauk

Course numberM3.0607.30.020
Course codeProDf
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits8,0
Language of instruction German

The students can realise and complete their own project. They know about project dynamics and can use this knowledge when realising their invention ideas. They are capable of activating people in the field and minimising exclusion. Additionally, contents from other courses (especially theory, organisational development, public relations work, empirical evidence, etc.) can be applied when realising their project. In the sense of participatory approaches, students are able to recognise locally positioned partners as subjects of development and to strengthen (empower) them. Students know about the difficulties of the solution from the setting and can prepare solution approaches and secure results.

Completion of the courses "Brainstorming and Project Outline", "Project Development"

Project realisation aims to implement Social Work in the local environment, the focus being on securing the project objectives. Students can successfully realise their own project and complete it. They must recognise project dynamics on site, reflect these in project meetings, and secure the progress and objectives of the project in the ongoing work process. The main tasks of the course are to win persons from the field of practice for a socially sustainable effect of the project and sensitise them, if necessary, to social grievances, and to strengthen their autonomy of action to overcome complex contexts. In the joint meetings, the requirements of the local players are discussed after the project. Finally, a project report is written and critical points are discussed in the joint meetings.

Will be developed in the course project specifically

On-site individual work with the clients, jour-fix meetings of the small groups, group discussions

Final project report (long version)