Statics and Gait Analysis Group 1 (ILV)


Course lecturer:

 Elena Fluch , MSc.

Course numberB3.06670.20.210
Course codeSta&Gang
Semester of degree program Semester 2
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits1,5
Language of instruction German

Students are able to assess the constitution, statics and gait and detect deviations from the hypothetical norm, interpret and document.

the students know the hypothetical standard of constitution and statics, the constitution and statics can judge a person, document and identify relevant deviations from the norm, interpret and dokumentierendie students know the observation criteria of the aisle, including all phases of the Gangzyklusdie students can qualitatively by observation and video analysis assess quantitatively and functionally, document and identify relevant deviations and Hinkmechanismen, interpret and document launch in the instrumented gait analysis

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