German (DaF) 4 (UE)


Course lecturer:


 Verena Paar-Grünbichler
Course numberM4.05170.40.290
Course codeDaF 4
Semester of degree program Semester 4
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits4,0
Language of instruction English

On successful completion of this course students will (referring to the GERR Niveau A2/2):

- read/understand housing adverts
- talk to a estate agent
- report on accidents
- talk about cultural interests
- talk about things in the past
- talk about education and the job market
- understand job adverts and write CVs
- answer telephone calls in the office
- write simple business emails
- describe cultural festivals in German speaking countries
- express emotions
- understand product descriptions
- talk about daily routines
- read business texts
- express purpose
- describe processes

Process descriptions
The world of business
Intercultural Communication
Social Interaction

Kurs-und Übungsbuch: Studio d A2, Cornelsen Verlag
Monika Reiman: Grundstufengrammatik, zweisprachige Ausgabe Deutsch-Englisch, Hueber Verlag
Übungsmaterial zum Österreichischen Sprachdiplom
Lernwortschatz Deutsch, Deutsch-Englisch, Hueber Verlag,2011

Further materials will be provided if necessary.

Lecture, group work, individual work, blended learning

Final written exam 50%
Final oral exam 40%
Presentation 10%