Contract Law 1 (SE)


Course lecturer:


 Martina Pruckner , PM.ME.

Course numberM3.05190.20.110
Course codeVertrRe1
Semester of degree program Semester 2
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits4,0
Language of instruction German

Students are familiar with the main contract law regulations and are able to comprehend extracts from land and commercial registers. They are also able to understand complex contractual regulations and formulate contract clauses.

Module: Law in Healthcare 1

Contract law project: After an introduction to contract law students write a complex contract in the context of their application project.
The environment for their project has been determined in advance and could be as follows: An additional, larger healthcare provider should be established on hospital premises.
Students have to prepare a contract that regulates the cooperation between the two companies. They get support and advice from the lecturer.

Angabe der empfohlenen Fachliteratur erfolgt in der LV

Combination of different teaching methods;
Working on group projects, project management coaching, team- teaching in case of interdisciplinary consulting team, group work

Project planning 50% and project implementation 50%