Physiological Change and Adaption in Pregnancy, Reproductive Biology and Embryology (VO)


Course lecturer:

Dott.ssa mag.

 Cecilia Gori



 Birgit Münzer

Course numberB3.06690.10.020
Course codePhy.Schw
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits3,0
Language of instruction German

Knowledge of the physiological stages of pregnancy as well as the linked changes and adaptation processes of the female body. The students shall know the development stages from beginning of pregnancy (oogenesis, spermatogenesis and implantation) until delivery. They shall recognise and be able to explain basic biochemical and physiological processes, as well as the deviation from it.

MEDG-1 (B3.00000.70.100, B3.00000.70.110), RESG (B3.06690.10.010)

Maturation process of egg and sperm cells
Fertilization, implantation and nidation
Development of the embryo, the fetus and the placenta
Development of multiples
Development of the cardio vascular circulation, the nervus system and the organs
Deviations of the embryonic development
Pathology of the fetal development

Vgl. FH-Heb-AV StF: BGBl. II Nr. 1/2006 (version 2016), Minimum content of midwifery education.
Embryology and development of the fetus
General and specific anatomy and physiology
Regular process of pregnancy including antenatal process-oriented care and counseling

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