Systems Engineering Basics (ILV)


Course lecturer:

 Bernd Filipitsch , BSc MSc


FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.

 Thomas Klinger , MLBT

Course numberB2.05270.10.090
Course codeSE GL
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presence- and Telecourse
ECTS credits6,0
Language of instruction German

The students are able to recognize and understand the importance of mechatronic tasks in the engineering sciences.
They can describe a technical task and break it up into sub problems.
They can work on tasks together in a team. They can apply defined solution strategies, and review and present the overall solution.

The robot as a mechatronic element.
Software usage in mechatronics (eg: Labview, MATLAB).
Important physical principles, models.
basic electrical circuits with logic-elements
Project: Assembling, programming, planning a mechatronic system (eg simple robot)

H. Czichos, Mechatronik: Grundlagen und Anwendungen technischer Systeme, Vieweg+Teubner Verlag, 2008
H. Bernstein, Grundlagen der Mechatronik, Vde-Verlag, 2004
M. Scholz, Roboterwesen bauen und programmieren, mitp, 2011

Integrated lecture, Blended Learning, independent project work in teams

Active participation in class, presentation, protocols, submission of software code