International Consulting Lab (PA)

Course numberM4.05170.30.201
Course codeIConsult
Semester of degree program Semester 3
Mode of delivery Presence- and Telecourse
ECTS credits6,0
Language of instruction English

Professional skills and expertise
This module is designed as a business laboratory, which means that students learn competencies and skills related to managing projects and developing international market development strategies for companies in lecturer-coached team projects.
On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • design a project proposal and project plan for an international consulting project
  • apply tools for structuring, managing, and controlling international consulting projects
  • analyze key factors in an international market environment (e.g. market potential, customer needs, competitive situation, distribution structures)
  • develop market entry or market development strategies for international markets
  • create an action plan for implementing market entry or market development strategies (including a budget for the action plan)
Personal skills (problem-solving/critical thinking, social and communication skills, self-competence)
In this module, students will acquire the following personal skills:
  • improve analytical skills in the context of a strategic market analysis
  • make effective presentations for client companies
  • perform in a team situation under time pressure
  • enhance intercultural teamwork skills
Digital skills
In this module, students will acquire the following skills related to the use of digital technologies:
  • use project management software to plan and control a consulting project
  • use online group collaboration tools to facilitate virtual teamwork

This module covers the following topics:
I. Management consultancy in an international business context
• Defining the consulting task
• Managing the client
• Gathering data and interpreting results
• Effective presentation of results
II. Managing international consulting projects
• The project management process
• Developing a well-functioning project team
• Creating a project plan
• Tools for structuring, scheduling, managing, and controlling projects
• Agile project management methods
• Organizing the project teamwork and managing the project team
III. Consulting on international market development strategies
• Strategic analysis of international markets (market potential, customer needs, competitive situation, distribution structures)
• Developing the right market entry / market development strategy
• Devising an action plan for implementing market entry or market development strategies
• Estimating a budget for realizing the action plan

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  • Lecture and discussion (in-class or online)
  • Project work in groups (consulting projects)

Integrated module exam (immanent examination character):

  • Team project (60%)
  • Individual contribution to the team project (peer review) (15%)
  • Individual reflection paper (25%)