English 1 (SE)

Course numberB2.00000.10.071
Course codeENG 1
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,0
Language of instruction English

Students will be able to:
Improve and expand their ability to read, listen, talk and write about basic concepts and functions required for the operation of systems in the field of Electronic Engineering.
Understand and use basic terminology to define, classify and describe the structure and operational process of electronic systems.
Explore, evaluate and select resources available at the school library as well as online for classroom discussions and short summary writing on topics related to their field of studies.
Build self-reliance to interact with others in the foreign language.

Matura English (at least, B2)

Listening and reading strategies as well as note-taking for classroom discussions, presentations and summary writing on technical topics in the field of electronics.
Text structure, grammar and vocabulary for definitions of basic concepts, classification and description of the structure and operational processes of electronic systems.
Technical terminology and topic-related key words and their collocations (how a key word combines with other words in a given text).
Review of grammar and vocabulary according to the student's needs (e.g. sentence structure, tenses, use of prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, etc., which can be used as student's self-assessment).

Eric H. Glendinning (2007) Technology 1.Oxford English for careers. Student's book. Oxford New York: Oxford University Press
Eric H. Glendinning (2008) Technology 2.Oxford English for careers. Student's book. Oxford New York: Oxford University Press
Bloomfield Louis (2008) How Everything works. USA: John Wiley & sons, Inc. (FH library)
Additional material provided by the lecturer and tailored for both the learning needs of the students and the study programme.

Workshops on readings/listening tasks
Individual/group presentations and discussions
Individual short writing assignments
Language exercises for student's self-assessment on grammar and vocabulary
Teacher's and peer feedback

Active participation (student's contributions to classroom discussions, homework and self-study/self-assessment)
Oral reports in the form of short presentations in group or individually
Short written assignments