Mechanisms and Gear Trains (ILV)

Course numberB2.06060.00.110
Course codeGTL
Semester of degree program Semester 4
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,5
Language of instruction German

Students are well acquainted with details of the machinary in a gear box. Knowing the different types of gears, he required switching and starter elements the students are able to perform both the analysis of gears and their syntheses.

B2.06060.12.010 - Technical StatikB2.06060.31.070 - Strength of 2B2.00000.00.030 - Technical ZeichnenB2.00000.32.300 - Hardware 1B2.00000.72.290 - Machine Dynamics

Aims and content of the theory of the wheel gear

System of gearing mechanisms: placement of the gear box in vehicles, form of structure, basic structure of gears,

control unit, switching element, synchronization, clutches

Starter switch: dry and wet clutches, hydrodynamic clutches

Examples for vehicle gearbox systems: car gearbox, commercial vehicle gearbox

Electronic gearbox control: electronic gearbox control module, conctrol systems

Naunheimer, Bertsche, Lechner: Fahrzeuggetriebe, Springer