English 2 (SE)

Course numberB2.00000.20.031
Course codeENG 2
Semester of degree program Semester 2
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits2,0
Language of instruction English

Students will be able to:
Improve their reading and conversational skills for discussions on technical innovations in the field of electronics
Develop critical skills for the analysis and comparison of products for a particular application in the field of electronics
Develop their  basic language skills for writing academic
essays/report or manual connected to a specific  subject of the study programme
Improve their knowledge on core domain vocabulary and syntactic structures required for comparing products and provide operational and safety instructions
Engage in collaborative feedback as an opportunity for improvement

Group discussions of news on scientific/technical innovations
Introduction to presentation skills (structure and language)
Introduction to academic writing
a. Paragraph structure and cohesion
b. Essay/Report writing (purpose, audience and structure and cohesion)
Applying academic presentation and academic writing skills in areas such as:
Providing technical instructions for handling processes, machinery or commercial products as well as devising safety regulations to avoid accidents or misuse of equipment and materials at the work/study place (e.g. laboratory guidelines)
Comparing technologies for a particular application/PROBLEM or application
Reporting a lab experiment carried out in one of subjects of the study programme

Zwier, L (2002) Building academic vocabulary. Michigan: University of Michigan Press
McCarthy, M. And and O'Dell Felicity (2008) Academic vocabulary in Use. Cambridge: CUP
Mark Powell (2011) Presenting in English: How to Give Successful Presentations (Updated Edition) Heinle ELT.
Soles and Derek (2009) The Essentials of Academic Writing 2nd edition Wadsworth Publishing; 2 edition (June 2, 2009)

Additional material provided by the lecturer and tailored for both the learning needs of the students and the study Programme.

Workshops on topics related to basic writing skills and presentations skills
Hands-on learning approach to individual/group assignments
Language exercises for student's self-assessment on grammar and vocabulary
Teacher's and peer feedback

Active participation in classroom/group discussions
Oral presentations
Writing assignments