Diversity and Human Rights (SE)

Course numberM3.0607.20.070
Course codeDivHR
Semester of degree program Semester 2
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits3,0
Language of instruction German

Know and respect selected human rights that are of importance for especially vulnerable persons and groups. In particular, students have knowledge about the UN Convention on Women, Children and the Disabled, as well as the Geneva Convention on Refugees, and their meaning.
Can recognise and critically reflect causes, forms and effects of human rights violations and social injustices on the grounds of gender or other categories of difference as well as how they interlink.
Recognise the relevance of human rights for Social Work and deduce from this ways of action to work professionally with human rights violations based on gender and/or other categories of differences.
Possess gender and diversity competence.
Can recognise and appreciate egalitarian human diversity.

Completion of the course "Social Work and Human Rights"

In the course, intersections of human rights as well as gender and diversity questions are dealt with discursively in various cultural, societal and social contexts based on intensive literature research and reflected critically upon. The course is about deepening the debate about challenges and opportunities through diversity and difference as well as the human rights requirement of non-discrimination, non-violence and equal treatment. Opportunities for Social Work to promote and protect human rights of especially vulnerable or excluded people or groups are developed and discussed.

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Course immanent exam character and final exam