Design of Analog Integrated Circuits (ILV)

Course numberM-ISCD-1.04
Course codeANALOG-1
Semester of degree program Semester 1
Mode of delivery Presencecourse
ECTS credits7,5
Language of instruction English

This course provides a solid knowledge of analog circuit design, including the necessary knowledge on semiconductor physics for MOS and BIP devices and analog mask-layout. The main part of the course is a detailed presentation of the large and small signal behavior of basic transistor circuits including necessary theory and math. Practical eperience is gained in labs and by solving problems as homework.

* Solid basis in electric circuits theory* Basic knowledge in electronic devices* Solid mathematical background

The lectures offer an introduction in analog integrated circuit design and explain relevant devices and models of integrated circuits. Analog layout considerations are dicussed and the design of basic transistor circuits like amplifiers, current mirrors, cascodes, differential stages etc. is explained. The lectures are accompanied by labs, project and homework.

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50% lectures30% project work 20% homework

70% final exam 30% evaluation of project work and homework