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Supporting Services


F.l.t.r.: Elisabeth Lichtenberg, Sofie Kopp, Simone Sand, Patrick Tauber, André Hensel

Our library staff ensure the acquisition, accessing and provision of the required media for fulfilling the teaching and research functions of the CUAS, i.e. literature and other information media or sources. Furthermore, information is provided regarding use and bibliographic queries.
The University Library of the CUAS participates in the Austrian Library Network and the Cooperation E-Media Austria.

Due to the decentralised structure of the CUAS the University Library is split into 4 Campus Libraries (CL), at which over 50,000 print media units currently are administered. There is no central library, i. e. all CL are equal. Therefore there is a multilaying organizational structure. Moreover, the librarian workflow is handled parallel. For specific information about the several CL please contact the local CL staff:

CL Feldkirchen: direct dial -7401, e-mail: library-feldkirchen(at)cuasat
CL Klagenfurt: direct dial -7815, e-mail: library-klagenfurt(at)cuasat
CL Spittal/Drau: direct dial -7406, e-mail: library-spittal(at)cuasat
CL Villach: direct dial -7400, e-mail: library-villach(at)cuasat
General e-mail: library(at)cuasat

We participate in the Austrian Library Network (ALN) in which 80 scientific libraries of all Austrian states are associated. For searching literature you may use the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), which is the bibliographic retrieval system of the ALN. There are two main search levels: The Austrian Central Catalog (ACC) for meta search and the several local catalogs.

There are two main retrieval systems for searching in our electronic online-resources:

As a user of our library you have to consider our library regulations: