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Diploma Supplement

The diploma supplement is an additional document that is provided upon completion of the university degree.  Its purpose is to inform potential employers and other institutions of higher education of the contents of the completed degree program’s curriculum, its progression and the academic and professional qualifications of the graduate.

This document should enhance the international transparency of the given degree as well as simplify the categorization and recognition of European higher educational degrees.  In addition to providing a professional evaluation of the graduates’ qualifications, the diploma supplement further supports graduates’ mobility and life-long learning.

Diploma Supplement Contents

  1. Information identifying the holder of the qualification
  2. Information identifying the qualification
  3. Information on the level of the qualification
  4. Information on the contents and results gained
  5. Information on the function of the qualification
  6. Additional information
  7. Certification of the supplement
  8. Information on the Austrian higher education system

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences provides all graduates with a diploma supplement in German and English when they graduate.