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Academic Authorities

Responsibilities of the Academic Council

The Rector is the head of the academic council. They represent the council publically and put its decisions into effect. Furthermore, they instruct full-time teaching and research staff about the nature and extent of their teaching commitments as well as appointing lecturers.

In addition to the Rector and Vice-Rector, there are also six Program Directors, six teaching and research staff representatives along with four student representatives from KFAST (CUAS student union) on the academic council. The representatives are voted on by the relevant bodies.

The council’s responsibilities are defined as follows:

  • elect the Rector and Vice-Rector on the basis of three candidates proposed by the course-providing body;
  • in the case that the Rector (or Vice-Rector) grossly neglects or fails in their official duties or they are no longer in a position to fulfill their official duties, the council makes a formal application to the course-providing body that the Rector or Vice-Rector be relieved from office, or issue a statement to that effect.
  • make amendments regarding the accredited degree programs in consultation with the course-providing body;
  • draw up budget proposals (investment, operating  and personnel expenses) to be submitted to the course-providing body;
  • propose appointments and dismissals of teaching and research staff to the course-providing body;
  • coordinate courses;
  • evaluate teaching activities along with examination regulations;
  • award and revoke academic degrees, validate academic degrees obtained abroad as well as, in consultation with the course-providing bodies, award other academic honours accommon in univeristies;
  • adopt a code of procedure and a charter, in consultation with the course-providing body;
  • reach decisions about complaints against decisions made by the Program Director.

To support its work, the council has set up the following commissions:

Degree programme and academic affairsComplaints