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TOBP - Transcultural Open Badges Platform for Migrant’s Transition Mentoring in EARLY LIFE FAMILY CARE

Laufzeit September/2018 - August/2021
  • Katerina Sidiropulu Janku
  • Projektmitarbeiter/innen
  • Marvin Hoffland
  • Regina Klein
  • Outi Sulopuisto
  • Forschungsschwerpunkt Gesundheitswissenschaften
  • Gesundheit und Pflege
  • Forschungsprogramm Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships
  • EACEA: The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
  • The TOBP project connects strategic partners to set new standards for skills recognition of prior learning for migrants in the field of Transcultural Early Life Family Care (TELFC).

    It offers an answer to the lack of social cohesion and strengthens the integration possibilities of migrants. The main impacts are a) on young families with small children (from pregnancy up to the age of 6) in transition phases (double-layered transitions from pregnancy to young parenthood – from home to host country) to provide better services b) in relation to skills shortage because of a lack of professionalization in the field of Early Life Family Care (ELFC)  towards transcultural competences.

    The innovative job profile “transition mentor” is created to support the integration process of migrants and to professionalize the field of ELFC.  Currently we face skill gaps and skills- shortage of well-trained professionals in TELFC that arises due to the growing number of migrant families.
    Furthermore we are using new digital technologies (Open Badges) that are currently an expanding informal recognition tool within IT and the Business sector. These badges are integrated in an open badge platform with an added virtual learning environment, that a) enables migrants to validate their foreign qualifications (informal, non-formal and formal) to have more chances to find a job in the European Union and b) provides open access to gaining new skills and qualifications as transition mentor.
    Methodically we are using Participatory Action Research (PAR), an innovative approach which represents a paradigm shift, giving members of marginalized groups a voice; thus offering a new perspective:  their experiences, their everyday knowledge, and their cultural concepts can feed into the development process of TOBP.

    The main outcome is the TOBPlatform, an open virtual validation and educational space that helps to educate much needed staff in ELFC and validates prior learning of migrants aspiring to become transition mentors in the field of ELFC.
    The main activities relate to the development and production of 5 Intellectual Outputs, 4 Learning Teaching Training Activities, that are occurring in transition phases and 3 Multiplier Events will be used to disseminate  project’s outcomes. Around 900 individuals are involved in the project as a primary target group, but our outputs have the potential and relevance to affect the whole ELFC sector. Especially with our interactive Inventory of Transcultural Transition Cases we provide the opportunity for HEI and VET professionals to use and store developed teaching cases. The establishment of a European Social Network on Transition Mentoring completes the actions and guarantees sustainability. The project’s innovative approach coupled with newly developed open technology will result in long term benefits for marginalized groups in Europe and helps to strengthen social cohesion through transnational validation of migrant’s knowledge, competences and transition skills.

    • EACEA: The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (Fördergeber/Auftraggeber)