Ambient Assisted Living 2 (ILV)




 Daniela Krainer , BSc


FH-Prof. DI Dr.

 Johannes Oberzaucher

Studiengangssemester 2. Semester
Semesterwochenstunden / SWS3,0
ECTS Credits4,0
Unterrichtssprache Englisch

Students will know basic concepts of intramural and extramural motion analysis and related use cases in AAL.

The will be able to use different sensing devices and know how to integrate these into several programming and development frameworks (Matlab, JAVA, C#).

Students will be able to pre-process and analyse movement data related to several aspects (quantitative, qualitative analysis, classification, gesture recognition, etc.)

They will be able to use this knowledge to realize classical AAL use cases (home based training, alternative, multimodal user interfaces, etc.)

In addition they will be able to understand the user needs (based on knowledge from AAL1) and will be able to plan studies and thesis in the field of motion analysis in AAL.

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Based on the the basic knowledge from the course AAL 1

technological concepts related to selected AAL topics (home based training, alternative user interfaces, etc.) will be presented. Different aspects will be trained in hands on exercises


    • Introduction to motion analysis
    • Basic concepts of movement sensing and data gathering (intra- and extrmural)
    • Motion data processing (kinetics and kinematics)
    • Approaches of quantitative and qualitative motion analysis
    • Markerless motion sensing and analysis (Kinect, IMU-systems)
    • Selected topics (home based training, alternative user interfaces, gesture recognition)
    • Implementation work (focused on student specialisation)
    • Aspects of system development in AAL projects related to motion analysis

J.C. Augusto, M. Huch et. al., Handbook of Ambient Assisted Living, IOS Press, 2012

Lecture Notes

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