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  • Netzwerk- und Kommunikationstechnik

    Bachelor of Science in Engineering

NETQUEST - Network Simulation and Optimization

Competence Center on Network Simulation and Optimization

Future online services require growing data transmission rates. Therefore network carriers invest huge amounts in the upgrading of their fixed network infrastructure in the access net domain whereby the next generation networks base on fiber optical technologies.  This trend triggers the application of optimization methods in network planning. There are mainly two questions of interest. First: with all the different business segments and online services in mind, which customers need to be connected by an appropriate network augmentation so that the marginal utility leads to a maximum? Second: for a given pool of customers, what is the cost minimal network augmentation under consideration of different network topologies (FTTc, FTTb, …) and different transmission standards (xDSL, Vectoring, Bonding , …)?

Within the competence center we focus on the development of mathematical optimization models in order to answer these questions. For validity, these models base on real world geographical data and consider the whole existing network infrastructure within an access net domain. Beside the numerical results concerning investment costs, the models yield a rough-cut planning for an according network augmentation considering all relevant physical network components.

These models have been installed as software solutions at our partners. For example, the A1 Telekom Austria AG uses them in order to obtain optimal decisions where to place outdoor DSLAMs within their FTTc-broadband initiative. The Austrian regulation authority uses our models in order to estimate the replacement value for a fixed network architecture in the access network domain.


A1 Telekom Austria AG
Österreichische Rundfunk- und Telekomregulierungsgesellschaft mbH
rmData Geoinformation GmbH