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Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Local Multi-Criteria Evaluation

Invited Talk with Prof. Piotr Jankowski, Department of Geography, San Diego State University

Local Multi-Criteria Evaluation (L-MCE) is a method of spatial multicriteria analysis that addresses the issue of spatially heterogenous preferences and non-stationary criterion weights. In this talk, I explore a spatially-explicit approach to uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in L-MCE and discuss how it can be applied to analyze the influence of uncertainty in criteria weights and analysis scale on the variability of L-MCE model output. I also show, on the example of land prioritization model, how spatially-explicit approach to uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in land allocation can guide modelling effort by focusing attention on input factors that are influential to model output variability.

Dr. Piotr Jankowski is Professor of Geography and Chair of the Department of Geography at San Diego State University. Dr. Jankowski holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Washington (1989) and MS in Econometrics and Operations Research from the Poznan University of Economics (1979). He held faculty appointments in Geography at the University of Idaho and in Geoinformatics at Münster University in Germany. His research areas include Spatial Decision Support Systems and Participatory GIS with applications to Water Resources and Transportation. Dr. Jankowski is the author and co-author of over 80 publications on multiple criteria decision-making methods, spatial decision support systems, spatial modeling, and participatory GIS.


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