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The Brain and Bias: Managing Unconscious Bias

SIETAR Austria Workshop; by Shannon Murphy Robinson

When it comes to working across differences effectively, does your brain work for you or against
you? How can we mitigate bias to improve performance of individuals and organizations?
Recent neuroscience research is shedding tremendous light on the brain, bias and behavior and
how the brain can trip us up, despite our good intentions to be inclusive. This interactive
workshop will highlight the ways the brain is naturally wired that impact the ability to work
effectively across differences, and how we can increase the brain’s capacity for inclusion.
Understanding the interplay of the brain, bias and behavior is critical in performance
improvement, advancing inclusion skills and creating sustained behavior change.

Limited places available!

Registration possible only until 7 October 2019!
Please register your attendance with birgit.hochreiter(at)sietarat

Monday, October 28, 2019 / 13:00 – 19:00
Location: FH Kärnten, Villach Campus, Europastraße 4 9524
Program Fee: € 400 for non-SIETAR members/ € 280 for SIETAR Austria members

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