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Cultures don´t meet, people do

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Many people in today’s world work, learn and live in international and multicultural environments. Intercultural communication has hence become an important topic in many fields of work and study. Edwin Hoffman presents in his new book ‘Diversity Competence. Cultures don’t meet People do’ a diversity-sensitive communicative approach and a concrete tool, the TOPOI-model, for intercultural interactions. TOPOI stands for Tongue, Order, Persons, Organization and Intentions. The starting point is not culture, but the interpersonal interaction, the communication between people. Whether or not the interlocutors have different national, ethnic or religious backgrounds, the communication is always between unique persons in unique situations embedded in social contexts. You never can predict beforehand how people in certain situations will be, how they will act and respond. The other person and the situation can always be different different. That’s why: Cultures don’t meet people do.


Edwin Hoffman


Eithne Knappitsch/Janet Brown
SIETAR Carinthia Regional Group/CUAS School of Management        

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