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Research at CUAS


Applied science and development is one core activity of CUAS. On the one hand this encompasses the successful completion of research activities in the areas technology, management as well as health sciences & social work. On the other hand research and development is a significant quality marker that plays a vital role in the competition with other universities. The successful completion of Research & Development projects is one of the major tasks of teaching and research staff.

Universities of Applied Sciences focus their work in particular on the area of applied research and development. Research activities enhance the quality of teaching to a high degree by making important current and innovative content available for the education of students. However, research also functions as a profile-shaping measure for each university. Through developing specific expertise and appropriate infrastructure, universities may gain high recognition in society and equally can generate economic benefit. Resulting overall perception determines the “standing” of a university and thereby influences the stream of students and financial resources towards the university.

As central information and transfer hub, the administration department for research is the first point of contact for staff or CUAS, for existing external partners, and for future project- and cooperation partners, universities, research institutions, regional organizations, and funding agencies.


This administration department focuses on: 

  • Subsidies and Funding for Research
  • Management of Research Projects
  • Communication Related to Research (Internal and External)
  • Technology- and Knowledge Transfer

CUAS‘ Research Company (Forschungsgesellschaft der FH Kärnten mbH) is a platform for processing R&D projects with strong and distinct research service character. Partners from industry and economy benefit both from research infrastructure, present at CUAS as well as at the Research Company, and the excellent expert knowledge of CUAS ’s professors and researchers. Another field of activity is the preparation of scientific assessments and certificates in CUAS’s areas of expertise. Among others, the Research Company is operator of an EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) test laboratory, which provides compulsory measurements and certifications for all electric and electronic products.

Strategic Goals of CUAS Research

  • Achieve and utilize results from research and development
  • Utilize results from research done by the Stiftung (CUAS)
  • Extend the reach of CUAS and raise its local profile
  • Strengthen the cooperation of industry and business partners with CUAS
  • Strengthen the Know-How transfer within the region by various forms of entrepreneurial participation

DI Dr. Franz Oswald Riemelmoser, MBA

CEO Research Company
+43 (0)5 90500-2112

DI Herbert Kotschnig, MBA

CEO Research Company
+43 (0)5 90500-9905

FH-Prof. DI Walter Schneider

CEO Research Company
+43 (0)5 90500-5100