12 May 2012: Biking & Boat Trip Faaker See

To travel far away is always fun but is it more important to know the place where you live. This is what we have done this time!

Students had the opportunity to see Carinthia’s beautiful nature with deep forests and the clear blue water of Faaker See. The day from the early morning was promising a lot because the sun was shining and the students were full of energy. Cycling up the hill for around an hour required quite a lot of effort but it was definitely worth it. We have had a lunch in cozy atmosphere with nice people working there who can surprise us by speaking more than few languages. After little rest we continued our trip to the lake. Finally, when we reached Faaker See we put our legs into the water and just enjoyed the wonderful view to the mountains. The most brave students went even for a swim. All this was not the end of good emotions for the day because we got onto the boat on the river Drau. For one hour we were in a mood of marine lifestyle relaxing on the deck. It was maybe too short but all good things always end so we said good bye to each other back in Villach and promise to meet soon in another social event!