01 - 03 June 2012: Vienna Calling

“Vienna calling” trip invited us to see the capital of Austria at the late Friday’s evening. Vienna in the night for us left the best memories about city with a lot of lights, many people in the streets and good party mood.

The next day in the morning the sightseeing of the city started. We have visited the beautiful Schönbrunn palace where each room has its own story and secrets and a huge garden behind the palace brings to these old times when beautiful ladies with umbrellas from the sun were walking there. The city with all its historical monuments was just fascinating. We enjoyed walking around with short breaks to eat the ice creams or just lie down on the grass in the city park. All girls were happy to see many roses everywhere in the city and like a flowers as well stood in between the roses for a beautiful pictures. Next day in the train all way back home we were sharing nice memories from the time spent in the capital of Austria – Vienna.