Area of studies

Level of qualification
1. Cycle (Bachelor)

Qualification awarded
Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)

Mode of study

Duration of study
6 Semesters

ECTS-Credits awarded
180 ECTS


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Tuition fees
€ 363.36

ÖH contribution
€ 18,70

Job & Career

Because of the interdiscipilnary focus of the Bachelor Degree Program graduates have very good career perspectives in their chosen field of specialitzaiton (see "Degree Program").

Graduates will be qualified to lead and manage. Our degree program is aimed at educating self-reliant graduates who have in addition to the key-expertise in their chosen field of specialization legal, business and finance know-how as well as social science knowledge, in addition to vital social skills, such as interdisciplinary thinking, social, management and communication competence. Competence in a language such as French, Italian, Spanish, Slovene or Russian rounds of the skills acquired through this program.

Master Degree Program
Having completed their Bachelor, students will be eligible to continue on our Master program in International Business Management or Public Management. This would allow graduates an ideal opportunity to deepen their acquired knowledge by specialising either in Southeast and Central Europe, opening up international career opportunities or in the field of public modernization.

Tamara Lenger

"I am studying Business Management because we get a detailed overview of a wide range of subjects (accounting, economics, law, marketing,...), in addition we are given the opportunity to improve our English and learn other languages such as Italian, Spanish or Russian as well. The majority of lecturers are also practitioners in their various fields, so their teaching is in line with current practice. 
From my point of view, the students of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences are prepared very well for their future jobs. This is partly due to the fact that we have to do an internship as part of our studies, during which we gain a lot of work experience. Furthermore, we get a chance to see in which business we would prefer to work after graduating. For me, it definitely has been the right choice to study Business Management."