Communication Engineering part time

Area of studies
Civil Engineering

Level of qualification
2. Cycle (Master)

Qualification awarded
DiplomingenieurIn (DI)

Mode of study

Duration of study
4 Semesters

ECTS-Credits awarded
120 ECTS


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Tuition fees
€ 363.36

ÖH contribution
€ 18,50


Details - Advanced Mathematics

Course number: M-CE-1.06
Course: Advanced Mathematics
Type: Integrierte Lehrveranstaltung (Integrated Course)
ECTS-Credits: 4
Instructor: Professor Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Bachhiesl
Course ID: AMAT
Semester: WS 2011
Semester of degree program 1
Number of groups 1
Language of instruction:
Curriculum version: 2011

We focus on mathematical topics which play an important role in communication engineering. The topics will be discussed under the analytical and numerical point of view. We emphasize on the implementation of numerical concepts, numerical experiments and the interpretation of accordingly achieved results.

1. Partial Differential Equations
• Separation of variables – Fourier approaches (Wave- and Poisson equation)
• Remarks on Laplace approach
• Finite differences and finite elements

2. Advanced Statistics
• Probability, Random variables and distributions
• Random numbers and Monte Carlo methods
• Data analysis: estimation on the basis of samples, testing hypotheses

3. Modelling and Simulation
• Modelling traffic
• Remarks on chaos (structure and chaos, attractors, self-similarity and fractals)


Previous knowledge:
Fundamentals according to Mathematik-Grundlagen (NETbb-1.02), Softwaregestützte Mathematik (NETbb-2.02) and Mathematische Simulation (NETbb-3.03).

Method of instruction:
Integrated course (theory with subsequent analytical and numerical exercise). For demonstration purpose (numerical methods) CAS MATLAB is used.

Written or oral examination.

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P.I. Kattan, MATLAB guide to finite elements: an interactive approach, Springer, 2008
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