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Public Management

Public Management provides students with interdisciplinary specialist knowledge that enables them to manage public administrations, public sector organizations and non-profit organizations, and to actively plan and realize modernization processes and reform.

Public sector organizations, public administrations and non-profit organizations need professionals who can meet the complex demands of today’s economy and society. Public Management provides the perfect education to meet these job requirements.


Job & Career
The graduates of this degree program have acquired comprehensive qualifications that not only open up many career opportunities in the field of public administration, such as in municipal, regional or federal administrations or in public institutions like hospitals, but also lead to opportunities in non-profit-organizations.

Possible fields of employment include:

  • Administration and Management Accounting activities
  • Human Resource Management and Project Management
  • Organizations Development and Finance Management
  • City and Regional Marketing


The aim of this program is to train professionals who are competent in law, business, finance and social science, all of which are considered necessary to meet the increasing demands of today’s public administration. These demands include efficiency, effectiveness and a strong citizen focus.

Curricular focus:

  • Business Administration, Economics and Law
  • Social and Political Science
  • Practice-oriented Knowledge of the Public Sector
  • IT and Foreign Languages


Key learning outcomes
Graduates of the bachelor degree course Public Management are able to:

  • apply general management know-how in practical business situations,
  • explain the main concepts in the areas of finance & accounting, marketing and management,
  • demonstrate business, financial as well as social-scientific knowledge.
  • show IT and foreign language skills,
  • examine policies and procedures of the public sector regarding sustainable developments,
  • work as professionals and executives in various areas of the public sector.



Municipal Manager Stefan Petrasko

Municipal Manager, St. Georgen am Längsee

Part-time Student

Christina Walcher

Assistant to the Chief of Police, State Police Department Salzburg
Part-time Student

“Public Administration is characterized by reforms and restructures, and without higher education, one will very soon be unable to climb further on the career ladder. I chose to study Public Management part-time at CUAS because this qualification will allow me to assume a management position in the future. 

In my double function as public servant and member of the municipal government, this program has given me new perspectives and provided me with new insights into how the administrative apparatus works. Especially the courses Administrative Modernization, Interests and Democracy and Public Finances in Austria provide a valuable theoretical input to expand one’s interdisciplinary know-how. The combination of course contents and the students’ diverse work experience creates a highly stimulating learning environment that is beneficial to students and professors alike.”

Dietmar Langer

Administrator “Apprenticeships”, Carinthia Chamber of Commerce
Part-time Student

“Ne discere cessa” – Never cease to learn. (Marcus Porcius Cato Censorius)

“The main reason why I chose this part-time study program is that it allows me to balance work and studying as I can complete a degree and get work experience at the same time. In my opinion, it is absolutely essential nowadays to continuously further educate ourselves to meet the future requirements of public administration and to be ready to respond to the challenges we will be facing.”

Katharina Weber

Contract Agent, Municipal Council Treffen
Part-time Student

“As a contract agent I am of the opinion that continuous learning and further education need to be our priority. This is why I decided to study Public Management part-time, a program that is compatible with a full-time job. The course contents offer extensive, interdisciplinary know-how and foster the skills necessary to be more cooperative, efficient and well-structured in your working life. Because of the degree from CUAS I can now look forward to a successful professional future and I am confident that my education has prepared me well for the dynamic and ever more challenging field of public administration.”