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Level of qualification
  • Bachelor
Duration of study
  • 6 Semester
ECTS credits
  • 180
Mode of study
  • full-time
Tuition fees
  • € 363,36
ÖH (Austrian Student Union) fee
  • € 19,20
Qualification awarded
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business
Language of instruction
  • English

Intercultural Management offers students a business degree in English with a specialization in Language and Intercultural Communication. The program is aimed at individuals interested in working in an international business environment. Students deepen their knowledge and understanding of culture and either the German or Italian language and can choose from our elective foreign language program.

In our globalized economy, with increased cross-border alliances, expanding e-commerce and more complex customer relations, there is a growing demand for business professionals skilled in managing cultural differences effectively. Intercultural Management addresses the needs of international business today.

Graduates of Intercultural Management have studied abroad, learnt at least one if not two foreign languages and have already gained experience in working with international and culturally diverse groups. The combination of Business, Languages and Intercultural Communication and Management offers graduates the basis to succeed in internationally-oriented organizations in Austria and abroad.

Possible fields of employment include:

  • Management roles for international Austrian businesses and organizations
  • International Project Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Marketing

Intercultural Management combines business and management know-how with intercultural communication competence and languages. Intercultural Management is an international study program aimed at internationals and internationally-minded individuals keen to develop their ability to manage cultural differences effectively.

Curricular focus:

  • Culture, Society and Globalization
  • Foreign Languages: Majors: Italian OR German as a Foreign Language; Electives: French,
  • Russian, Slovene, Spanish
  • Fundamentals of Intercultural Management
  • Culture and Diversity 

Graduates of the Bachelor Study Pogram "Intercultural Management" are able to:

  • apply general management know-how in practical business situations,
  • explain the main concepts in the areas of finance & accounting, marketing and management,
  • evaluate the economic, social and legal environments of businesses,
  • describe and explain the ethical responsibilities and obligations of businesses,
  • lead intercultural and interdisciplinary teams,
  • communicate effectively in English and at least one further foreign language in an international business context.

The degree programs on offer at the School of Management are characterized by a strong focus on the practical demands of the workplace, including growing awareness of the importance of an international perspective.

Intercultural Management is designed to enable students to function effectively in an international business context. Students are introduced to approaches and strategies for dealing with real-life challenges in the international business world. Activating course contents and methods, such as case studies, problem-based learning and excursions motivate students to interact and engage in the learning process.

The growing demand for business professionals skilled in managing cultural differences effectively means that Intercultural Management develops precisely the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed by international business today.

There are degree program specific additional prerequisites for Intercultural Management:

  • All applicants require sufficient English language skills (B2) to follow the program in English.
  • German-speaking applicants require prior Italian skills (B1 or equivalent).
  • Non-German speaking applicants require no German skills.
Wirtschaft, ICM

"Interested in languages and working internationally? Intercultural Management offers future managers an English-taught business degree with a specialization in languages and culture. Develop your intercultural competence and learn how to manage cultural differences. Experience an international learning environment at home and abroad. Intercultural Management will provide you with the skills and knowhow you need to work effectively and succeed in today's international business world."


Janet Brown, MA, MA
Intercultural Management

 +43 5 90500 2402

School of Management International Incoming Students

Every semester, the School of Management is happy to welcome international exchange students to our program. Students from our university partners across the globe choose to spend one or even two semesters studying at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and attend courses on either our International Program or our regular Bachelor and Master courses in English or German.  See what they think…

“Choosing CUAS as my home for one semester has left a print in my heart and I would never trade it for anything else.”

Beyza Orazova, International Exchange Student from Turkmenistan, Romanian-American University in Bucharest

“We had an awesome atmosphere both studying and partying. We were very international and organised gatherings which made my life in Austria precious.”

Ketevan Malakvadze, International Exchange Student from Georgia, Istanbul Bilgi University in Turkey

Voices from the local international community

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"Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is a longstanding partner of the region and it is good news that Carinthia now offers an English-taught...

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The Key to Successful International Teamwork

Every year our students choose to spend a semester abroad at one of our many university partners across the globe. One of the key skills they develop during this period is the ability to work in international teams, a challenge they mastered! Here is what they think the key to successful international teamwork is:

The key to successful international teamwork is being open-minded, showing an understanding for other cultures and good English skills.

Management students, Caroline Wagner, Christina Dulle, Alina-Maria Viscusi (from left to right), spent a semester at University Kuala Lumpur Business School, Malaysia

The key to successful international teamwork is being cooperative, learning from one another and seeing things in a more relaxed manner.

Management students, Karoline Rauter and Lisa-Marie Makoru, spent a semester at Istanbul Bilgi University in Turkey.

The key to successful international teamwork is being open minded and speaking with people without any doubt about your language skills.

Management student, Sonja Hammerschmid, spent a semester in Lille at EDHEC Business School in France.

The key to successful international teamwork is learning about differences and open-mindedness.

Management student, Ivana Krizanovic, spent a semester studying in Sweden at the University of Borås.

The key to successful international teamwork is being flexible. When working in an international team, it is necessary to be able to adapt to the situation at hand, as well as to the different team members. The working approaches between the members usually differ substantially, therefore, it is always necessary to adapt and meet somewhere in the middle.

Management student, Suzana Jezercic, spent a semester studying in Cologne during her Master studies in International Business Management.

The key to successful international teamwork is being open-minded and ready for something new.

Management students, Joe Leurer and Patricia Kern, spent a semester at Conestoga College in CANADA.

  • Application deadline:

    Winterterm 2018:
    01.10.2017 - 15.03.2018

    In case there are study places left the following Deadlines will be opened:

    16.03.2018 - 15.05.2018
    16.05.2018 - 31.07.2018

  • Study start:

    10 September 2018

  • Teaching time:

    Monday – Friday full-time and partly on Saturdays

  • Events:

    FH Day
    Friday, 02. February 2018, 9-14 h
    Campus Villach, Europastraße 4, 9524 Villach/St. Magdalen

    FH Campus Day 
    Friday, 09. March 2018, 12-18 h
    Campus Villach | Spittal | Feldkirchen | Klagenfurt

  • Further information:

    Admission requirements:

    • Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Austrian ‘Matura’) or equivalent

    • Minimum English level B2 or equivalent

    • German speaking applicants require a second foreign language (in addition to English) at intermediate level

    • Non-German speaking applicants require no Italian or German skills

Campus Villach

Contact Eithne Knappitsch

Program Director Intercultural Management
+43 (0)5 90500-2414


Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
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