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  • NEU: Digital Business Management, berufsbegleitend

    Digital Business Management gibt es nun auch als berufsbegleitenden Bachelor Studienzweig.

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Thank you for your interest in our degree programs.

At CUAS it is possible to apply for a study place at a maximum of two degree programs. Your application will be processed according to your first priority.

For the Online-Application please prepare the necessary documents either as PDF- or JPG- file

International applicants have to provide translated copies of their documents in German or English. The translation needs to be done by a sworn and officially accredited translator.

In addition, applicants from non-EU Countries are required to submit their translated documents legalized by the Austrian diplomatic representation.

We kindly ask you to use Google Chrome for the Online Application.

Online Application


The application deadline starts on December 1.




The end of the deadline depends on the degree program. Detailed information can be found on the website of each degree program. Please note that visa processing often takes a long time - therefore we ask you to apply as soon as possible!

Due to long visa processing applicants from third countries are advised to apply till  March 15.




Documents have to be uploaded either as .pdf oder .jpg with a maximum size of 5 MB.

Please note that you can complete your application only if all necessary documents are uploaded. Details can be found in the Application-Guideline.



1. Please check if your documents are correct - pdf or jpg. We do not accept any other type of files.

2. Please check if you use the latest version of your browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

3. Are you working in a corporate network? Uploading files is very often prevented in this case. Try to complete your application at home with your personal computer.

Either the deadline has already expired or the degree program will not start in the next study year.

(copy 13)

[Translate to English:] Hier finden Sie einen Überblick über das gesamte Studienangebot inklusive Weiterbildungslehrgänge der FH Kärnten. In unserem vielfältigen Programm aus den Bereichen Technik, Gesundheit und Soziales sowie Wirtschaft ist bestimmt genau das Richtige für Sie dabei!

(copy 14)

[Translate to English:] Das SIC bietet jeden ersten Dienstag im Monat von 14 bis 18 Uhr am Standort Villach im Rahmen der Studien-Info-Lounge eine Studienberatung an. Auch im Rahmen der FH Days können Sie sich detaillierte Infos zum Studienangebot und zum Studienalltag holen.

Sollten Sie zu diesen Terminen verhindert sein, besteht die Möglichkeit einen persönlichen Beratungstermins unter sic(at)fh-kaerntenat zu vereinbaren.

Legalization of documents

International applicants have to provide translated and legalized copies of their documents in German or English. The translation needs to be done by a sworn and officially accredited translator.


For detailed information regarding the legalization of foreign documents please consult the following website: Legalization list of foreign documents in Higher Education.
In this list you can find out if the documents are exempted from legalization or if you have to provide the documents in form of the Apostille or with full diplomatic legalization.

Information on where you can apply for the Apostille can be found on the official HCCH website.