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Level of qualification
  • Master
Duration of study
  • 4 Semester
ECTS credits
  • 120
Mode of study
  • full-time
Tuition fees
  • € 363,36
ÖH (Austrian Student Union) fee
  • € 19,70
Qualification awarded
  • Master of Science in Engineering
Language of instruction
  • English

SPATIAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT is a 2 year graduate program at the School of Geoinformation. Spatial Information Management is offering a universal solution framework for many fields of application areas like Natural Hazards Risk Management, Site Potential Analysis, Infrastructure Planning, Water Resource Management or Traffic Simulation and Modeling. We educate “spatially aware” experts and professionals for the international market. Our graduates provide fast, up-to-date and accurate integration, analysis, simulation and visualization of the relevant spatial situation to stake holders and decision makers.

Our research topics cover “GIS & Decision Support”, “Location-Based Systems Solutions” and “Innovation & Technology Management”. The program is dedicated to expose students to applied research by solving real world and socially relevant problems with innovative geospatial methods and techniques. Therefore, most of the thesis projects are conducted in cooperation with our partners in public administration, academia and the private sector providing excellent international career opportunities for our graduates.

During my Bachelor studies at the University of Udine I came to realize how great the additional value of Geoinformation Systems is. During an internship I worked with environmental data at a municipality. It soon became clear that Spatial Decision Support Systems were necessary to look at problems in a holistic way in order to solve them. With this unique master program in Villach I have found exactly the kind of education that allows me to learn these necessary skills.

My motivation in joining the Spatial Information Management (SIM) program was borne out of practicality and interest. This is a multi-disciplinary field in terms of scope and application. I believe that an expert in this field will not run out of job opportunities. For my undergraduate studies, I majored in Electronics and Communications Engineering. SIM is a new field for me. I am always fascinated that I learn something new after every class. I find the methods used for each course very intuitive, practical and relevant to the study. Added bonuses are my classmates who come from different parts of the world to study here. It is interesting to learn about their culture and how similar and different theirs are to mine. I am just happy to be here, I bet they are, too.

Associate Professor Department of Geography and
Anthropology Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA

The analysis of personal digital data plays a vital role in decision support. It affects the planning of action in the health sector and in the fight against crime. Treating sensitive data responsibly and visualizing it accurately while protecting privacy rights of the individual is gaining more and more importance, especially in the USA. My lectures at the Department of Geoinformation provide insight into the US American developments and the State of the Art of international research in this field.


I discovered the program during an open FH day which we have visited with my former school. As I have always been interested in geography and informatics, I instantly decided that it is the right choice for me. After five years at the University of Applied Sciences and another five years working as a spatial software developer, I am still convinced that I have selected the right education as I really enjoy working with all kinds of spatial data and that the SIM program can give you a good foundation for the future.

  • Application deadline:

    Application periods are open:

    Periode I   01.12. - 15.03.2019
    Periode II  16.03. - 15.05.2019
    Periode III 16.05. - 31.07.2019

    An early application is recommended!

  • Study start:

    The semester starts on 1st October 2019.

  • Teaching time:

    Monday – Friday from 13:30

    Saturday full-time

  • Events:

    FH DAY
    1 February 2019
    9-14 h CUAS Site Villach

    FH Campus Day
    8 March 2019
    10-18 h all CUAS Sites

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My name is Elizabeth Maggauer-Hoffmann and I’m a member of the administrative staff of the Engineering & IT department of CUAS. I’m in charge of administrating the international Master Programs of our department. One of them is the Spatial Information Management Master program. My work comprises all issues of a student’s life from admission to graduation.

Carinthia University
of Applied Sciences

School of Geoinformation

Europastrasse 4
9524 Villach
+43 (0)5 90500-2003