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  • Integrated Systems and Circuits Design

    Master of Science in Engineering
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ICDS graduates can work as specialists for Austrian as well as international companies in the field of semiconductor industry (foundries, fabless foundries, and engineering companies) as well as for businesses providing system solutions whose products contain highly integrated electronic components.

Their fields of activities include the

  • design
  • modeling
  • verification
  • implementation
  • testing and
  • technical support

of analog, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Their activities also include the application support (e.g. PCB design), as well as test and product engineering.

Several companies working in the field of microelectronics are located in the south of Austria, in or within short distance of Villach. These are, in alphabetical order:

A microelectronic cluster provides a network of companies, r&d as well as educational organisations




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The successful completion of the master program in turn qualifies the graduate to undertake a doctorate according to § 6 FHStG (4) (FHStG stands for Fachhochschul Studies Act).

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