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  • Integrated Systems and Circuits Design

    Master of Science in Engineering
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Level of qualification
  • Master
Duration of study
  • 4 Semester
ECTS credits
  • 120
Mode of study
  • full-time
Tuition fees
  • € 363,36
ÖH (Austrian Student Union) fee
  • € 19,70
Qualification awarded
  • Master of Science in Engineering
Language of instruction
  • English

For about five decades, integrated circuits (IC, microchips) have now been the key technologies for electronic systems in many application areas, ranging from data processing to telecommunication and automobile electronics. In this domain, an unprecedented development has taken place from the assembly of the first planar ICs with two transistors in the year 1961 to today’s integrated processor components with up to a billion transistors on a single chip. An ending of this development is not yet foreseeable and Very Deep Submicron (VDSM) fabrication technologies (with structure sizes that are smaller than 100 nm) will offer the possibility to integrate even more complex systems.

These developments are not merely the prerequisite for even more reliable and cost-efficient system solutions, yet they will also open up a lot of new application possibilities. Due to the new requirements and especially due to the enormous complexity of such solutions, not only new fabrication technologies have to be developed, but also new challenges in the design of integrated systems and circuits have to be faced. Among these challenges are modeling on different levels of abstraction, system level verification, low-power design, circuit design in new technologies, high frequency circuits, intelligent solutions for power electronics as well as an increase in design efficiency. The master degree program ISCD - Integrated Systems and Circuits Design provides the necessary knowledge to master these challenges. For more information please download:

  • Application deadline:

    Application periods are open:

    Periode I   01.12. - 15.03.2019
    Periode II  16.03. - 15.05.2019
    Periode III 16.05. - 31.07.2019

    An early application is recommended!

  • Study start:

    The semester starts on 1st October 2019.

  • Teaching time:

    Monday – Friday from 16:00

    Saturday full-time

  • Events:

    FH DAY
    1 February 2019
    9-14 h CUAS Site Villach

    FH Campus Day
    8 March 2019
    10-18 h all CUAS Sites

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