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Study part-time*

The degree program offers a broad-based education in technical and professional fields without requiring any technically relevant experience or previous knowledge.  However students who do possess previous work experience and/or previous educational skills generally have the option as stated in The University of Applied Sciences Studies Act (FHStG) to request accreditation of relevant courses, thereby reducing the time needed to complete the degree program.

The main challenge of part-time studies is above all the time requirements faced by students who work full-time.  Thus, it is recommended to students to reduce their working hours.  The fact that the degree program is most suitable with a reduced workload is specifically indicated in information sessions and during the admission procedure.

The organization of part-time degree programs requires special consideration of the requirements, needs and challenges of studying while simultaneously working full-time.  The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences takes this into account by taking targeted measures to support part-time students so they can successfully complete their respective degree programs. 

The organizational structure of part-time degree programs generally follows this pattern: three days per week for 20-22 weeks per semester.

  • Thursday evenings
  • Friday, starting at 2:20 pm
  • Saturday all day