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Thank you for your interest in our programs at CUAS.

At CUAS it is possible to apply for a study place at a maximum of two degree programs. Your application will be processed according to your first priority.

For the Online-Application please prepare the following documents either as PDF- or JPG- file. Please take care that all documents together should not be bigger than 8 MB.
Certificates you cannot provide at the moment, can be sent later by e-mail or mail. It is in your interest to provide as many relevant documents as possible.

International applicants have to provide translated copies of their documents in German or English. The translation needs to be done by a sworn and officially accredited translator.

In addition applicants from non-EU Countries are required to submit their translated documents legalized by the Austrian diplomatic representation.

We kindly ask you to use Google Chrome for the Online Application.

Online Application


Application Deadline starts on 1 october.



This year the deadline allready ends on 15 March for all degree programs. 

In case there are study places left after the regular deadline the following deadlines can be opened:




For NON EU Applicants (except USA, Canada, South America, former CIS Countries) is the regular deadline valid. 
The deadline after 15.03.2018 are not open for them.




Documents have to be uploaded either as .pdf oder .jpg with a maximum size of 5 MB.

Please note that you can complete your application only if all necessary documents are uploaded. Details can be found in the Application-Guideline.



1. Please check if your documents are correct - pdf or jpg. We do not accept other kind of files.

2. Please check if you use the latest Version of your browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

3. Are you working in a corporate Network? Uploading files is very often prevented in this case. Try to compleed your application at home with your personal Computer.

Either the deadline has already expired or the degree program will not start in the next study year.

Legalization of documents

International applicants have to provide translated and legalized copies of their documents in German or English. The translation needs to be done by a sworn and officially accredited translator.


For detailed information regarding the legalization of foreign documents please consult the following Website: Legalization list of foreign documents in Higher Education.
In this list you can find out if the documents are exempted from legalization or if you have to provide the documents in form of the Apostille or with full diplomatic legalization.

Information on where you can apply for the Apostille can be found on the official HCCH website.